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Equity Release Gloucestershire – Equity Release or a lifetime mortgage lets you use money locked away in your property to enjoy life.


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Equity Release Gloucestershire – Welcome to New Life Equity Release

Equity Release Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cirencester & Surrounding Areas – Designed To Help You Live A Better Life

Looking to release some equity within your home? Well you’re looking in the right place for professional, expert advice. If you’re over 55 you could release up to 60% of your equity as tax-free cash, stay in your home forever and not pay any monthly repayments.

Equity Release products are not for everyone and it’s our job to help you identify if it suits your needs. We provide all initial consultations free of charge and without obligation so that you can take the time to understand Equity Release.

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What is equity release?

It’s a way of releasing money from your home without having to move.


What do I get?

 You will receive a lump sum of money, multiple smaller payments or a mixture of the two, it’s up to you.


How does it work?

 It is a loan secured against your home to release tax-free cash to be used for a variety of reasons.


Is it safe?

New Life Equity Release is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and part of the Equity Release Council.

Why are you looking to release equity?

Release Funds

 Release money tied up in the equity of your home to spend on what you wish.


 Use the money to build an extension on to your home or more money for retirement.


 Treat the family to some early inheritance or a family holiday to spend quality time together.

Treat Yourself

 Why not treat yourself to your dream car, holiday or an experience of a lifetime.

Equity Release Gloucestershire – Why We Do What We Do?

Money isn’t everything, but being forced to compromise with a reduced lifestyle can be a difficult and upsetting experience. Having to watch your money can be miserable and may mean missing out on socialising and not keeping in touch with friends and family!

We enjoy making sure this doesn’t happen to our clients! We love helping our client’s as it can be truly life-changing. A ‘Lifetime Mortgage’ provides so many great opportunities that we’re almost certain you’ll be able to use it to your advantage.

We believe in being transparent, completely transparent, an open book if you like, so lets talk fees. Our initial consultations are free of charge, free of paperwork and free of technical jargon. If we are a good fit and you decide you want to work with us we charge a £1295 administration fee for any loan we arrange.

Equity Release Gloucestershire

Satisfied Clients

We want to build a relationship with you to get a greater understanding of your circumstances. With professional advice and a friendly smile what more could you want, apart from money.

“Rachel’s advice and genuine interest in her clients is first class. Her ability to problem solves and see the bigger overall financial picture and how it impacts on my family is what makes her both brilliant at her job and a trusted advisor. My finances and emotional state and well-being are highly linked, Rachel handles both with absolute dexterity and always gets a positive outcome. She is a life and game changer!”

Lucie L

“I can’t say enough good things about Julie, she is absolutely amazing and worth every penny. Her ‘we can do this’ attitude is such a breath of fresh air. She understood completely what we needed and made it happen for us. She is super easy to talk to and always there with reassurance and advice. If you need equity release look no further, Julie is brilliant.”

Suzanne S

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It’s imperative you get the correct advice about Equity Release. We offer an excellent equity release service in Gloucestershire covering Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cirencester and all surrounding areas. Speak with one of us to see how we can help you based on your financial and individual circumstances.